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Podcast Episodes

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Waikiki got involved in real estate by way of working in construction with his father, and how he got into carpentry and then architecture
  • How Waikiki and his team work primarily with private families and individual investors, and how they help maximize the value of their properties.
  • How the global pandemic has impacted Waikiki’s work, what trends he identified prior to the outbreak, and what has changed since the pandemic.
  • Why people working in the construction and architecture space must be creative to solve new challenges brought about by the pandemic.
  • How the 2008 market crash caused Waikiki to move into real estate development, and what criteria he looks for commercial real estate deals today
  • How Waikiki and his team are navigating the challenges of the pandemic and necessary social distancing measures
  • Why people who have survived defeats and setbacks and then bounced back are the best ones to learn from, and how the 2008 crash impacted Waikiki’s business.
  • Why reading the Bible and exploring his faith changed Waikiki’s life and created new opportunities for himself and others, and how he helps families create legacies.
  • Waikiki shares details from some of his big wins in both commercial real estate and development
  • Why Waikiki recommends you focus on the people around you, including your team as well as coaches or mentors.